Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MS CRM 2011 hide the left nav, still provide superb hyperlink called soft link to all the tabs

Hi All,

1st of all it may be unsupported but will do a magic.
Sometimes we need more space in the form and we do't want to show the left nav options to the uses, unfortunately we loose the hyperlinks to the section(tab) in the form at the same time.
In MS CRM 2011 , it has been given fantastically, just a checked, unchecked and u are done to show and hide the left nav pan.

Here we can take the advantage of the Header(another brilliant feature by MS CRM 2011 team).
1. create an HTML page with the hyperlinks u want.
2. include that as an Iframe in the header
3. Now create iframes in each sections(tabs) of the form, with rows 1 and do not show any level, border. If u have IFRAMES already, then no need to create in each sections(tabs). Just put the frames in the beginning of the Sections(Tabs).
4. create a blank html page with the same looks and feels as the crm form and include in the above IFRAME source
5. Now in the hTML page in step 1 for header, you just need to put some code as folllows
suppose i have 4 IFrames in four Sections(Tabs) named as IFRAME_Test1,2,3,4
so the html page will be something like this

#. if you have different tabs added abd you want to focus, else to different sections, you can avoid the step 3 and 4, just get the tab id or section id by using the IE developer tool and create <a> tags in HTML page as below and pass the IDs to the JS function.

function _focusSection(_id){
<body aLink=#0000ff link=#0000ff bgColor=#eeeeee vLink=#0000ff>
<a href="#" onclick = "return _focusSection('IFRAME_Test1');">Test Hyperlink1</a>
<a href="#" onclick = "return _focusSection('IFRAME_Test2');">Test Hyperlink2</a>
<a href="#" onclick = "return _focusSection('IFRAME_Test3');">Test Hyperlink3</a>
<a href="#" onclick = "return _focusSection('IFRAME_Test4');">Test Hyperlink4</a>

in above the hyperlinks also can be placed by styled buttons or images etc.. which looks like tabs...
just try it, and seeee....

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