Tuesday, June 7, 2011

URL has been changed in MS CRM 2011

The url we used to use in MS CRM 4.0 for opening a record or opening the balnk window for any new record has been changed in MS CRM 2011.
In MS CRM 2011 it uses some encodes in the url.
URL in MS CRM 4.0 is
. http://<ip>:<port_no>/<Org_Name>/sfa/conts/edit.aspx?id={GUID}# for default entities
. http://<ip>:<port_no>/<Org_Name>/userdefined/edit.aspx?id={19B8CEA8-95CB-DF11-84AB-E41F132DDD8E}&etc=10051# for custom entities

the URL format in MS CRM 2011 is something like
http<s>://<ip>:<port_no>/<Org_Name>/main.aspx?etc=1&extraqs%3f_gridType%3d1%26etc%3d1%26id%3d<guid>%26rskey%3d<some number>&pagetype=entityrecord

So while migrating this need to checked all thru out the JS code or if any custome applications also in ISV blah, blah blah...

The spl characters in the URL defines as follows

Character Escape Code
<----%3C---- >----%3E----

hope this helps

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