Sunday, July 17, 2011

Automatic creation of entity and attribute in MS CRM 2011, awesome feature, am impressed

Hi All,

There is an awesome feature in MS CRM 2011, which will be creating entiy and attributes automatically while importing the data.
So if you ahve to create any entities with attributes, then just create a CSV file with atleast one record and upload it.
Name the file as per your Entity Name.
Suppose my file name is Test and the columns are as it as test.csv.

Now go to MSCRM 2011
Settings -> System -> Data Management and click Imports from the right side
Now click Import from the Ribbon
Browse and Select the Test.csv and click Next
Then Click NExt
Then Click Next
Here is the page to name and map the fields.
Make sure you are mapping the name with the Name provided by the system.

Do this for all the fields and click next.
then slect allow duplicate or not, also the records you want to assign etc.
Then click Submit.
Not go to the Customization and customize the Form.
You will have the records in place also.
So its really Koooolll....
This has some limitations, still this can help you for any quick PoC or prototype else in design phase to put the screen shots :P

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