Thursday, July 21, 2011

Enable and disable user in MS CRM 4.0 or 2011

i was in a need to enable some users, who were diabled.
I tried to use CRM OTB, but it did not work, i got some SQL error message.
SO i did d dirty job, did it by using DB query and OTB use throw UI.

fire the query in ur DB
step 1
Select SystemUserId,IsDisabled from systemuser Where domainName ='<domain>\<loginName>'

collect the GUID from here
Step 2
Update SystemUser set IsDisabled = 0 Where SystemUserId = '<GUID from above query>'
Step 3
Now login to CRM with admin,
find the user in enabled list, just disabled it and again enable it.


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  1. Very good post, i tried and its working, thanks again