Wednesday, July 27, 2011

enable tracing in ms crm 2011

in ms crm we can enable the tracing to find out the difficulty of any exception in details.
it can be done so easily, just need to configure.
just run a command regedit to open the registration key editor
then track upto the softwares/microsoft/mscrm
now add three keys here
TraceDirectory -- c:\CRMTrace as string
TraceEnabled -- 1 as dword //0 means disabled and 1 means enabled
TraceRefresh -- 1 as dword

not it may require a iisreset else u can do recycling of the crmapppool

u will find the trace file under /trace folder in the fiel of todays date.

do not forget to disable the trace after you are done, else thsi will slow down the application.


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