Sunday, July 17, 2011

ISV Java script Code from M SCRM 4.0 to MS CRM 2011

As we know that there is know ISV concept in MS CRM 2011, where as we got ribbon concept here.
So while doing upgration from 4.0 to 2011, the JS code we have written in ISV will be going to 2011 to ribbon xml file.
How you can find the things in 2011.
the starting point is , just find the new_<entity_name>_ribbon.js in your web resources.
In 4.0 ISV we can write JS codes in the maingrid as well in the form level grid also.Also we can refer the out side JS files in both.
If so, then the form level JS can refer the functions to the out side JS files, onload of it.
But from home grid it will not fetch, so we need to call the function itself from the new_<entity_name>_ribbon.js.
Hipe this will help a bit for the ISV champs.

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