Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Limit the No of records a user can see per page in a view in MS CRM 2011 or ms crm 4.0

Couple of time you might see a requirement like,or user demand like, ‘user should only see 10 records per page in a view in the entire MS CRM

You can set this in the Personal options by setting the Records Per Page:

Though records per page can set minimum 25 and maximum 250.

if some one wants to restrict to some specif number say10 records per page??

here is the solution..
even if its unsupported, still full filling the requirement.. so...
run the below SQL against the Organization you desired to do so.
1st u need to get the system user guid
select SystemUserId from SystemUserBase where DomainName='>DomainName\username<'
then use the system guid an dfire the below query
update UserSettings set PagingLimit=10 where SystemUserId='<<GUID of the USER>>'

hope this helps....

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