Thursday, July 21, 2011

MS CRM 2011 installation issue on shared server for DB and Application

I just faced a shocked situation.
i had one MS CRM 2011 installation in two servers say S_App1(application installed) and S_DB1(SQL installed).This was dev server suppose.
This works fine.
Next i had to install one instance for UAT.
here i used the S_App1 for DataBase instance.
SO i installed in two servers say S_App2(application installed) and S_App1(SQL installed, previously application installed server).

When i install "SetupSrsDataConnector" in S_App1 for UAT installation, inteligently the installation process took the application as the current server means S_App1.

SO a very crucial situation, i got the SQL error, even unable to login.
i saw in deplyoment manager, Application and DB were pointing to the same S_App1 server and my organization was in pending status. but the default org was fine , still it was not accesible.

Work around
What i did is, it strikes to my mind about the registry keys.
I just run the regedit and went to MSCRM under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> MICROSOFT .
find the configdb, i saw the db was refering to S_App1, so i changed to S_DB1, then restarted the system.
It just wporked fine.


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