Sunday, September 4, 2011

Conditional Formatting on MS CRM 2011 Outlook client

MS CRM 2011, outlook ahs a very good feature to view records with some conditions.
Users can easily change system views, create views with
conditional formatting, and use common Microsoft Outlook features within the
Microsoft Dynamics CRM interface within Microsoft Outlook.


1. Open the Microsoft Outlook client.
2. From the Microsoft Outlook window, click
3. Expand
4. From the
the window.
5. Click
navigational ribbon.
6. From the
7. On the
8. In the
9. On the
and the
10. On the
11. On the
12. Click
13. From the menu, select
14. From the
15. Click
16. Click
Conditional Formatting window, click Add.Name field, type Hot Opportunities. Click Font.Font window, select Bold as the Font Style, 12 as the Size,Color as Maroon. Click OK.Conditional Formatting window, click Condition.Filter window, click the Advanced tab.Field then select User-defined Fields in Folder.Probability.Condition drop-down, select Is At Least and type 75 inValue field. Click Add to List then click OK.OK on the Conditional Formatting window.OK on the Advanced View Settings: Open Opportunities
17. Notice on the
with a probability equal to or greater than 75% are bold with a
maroon color.

thats it, no need of any plugin or javascript of any css required.
Users can get this benefit by them selves...

Open Opportunities view that the sales opportunities
Adventure Workson the left navigational pane.Sales and select Opportunities.Open Opportunities view, click the View tab at the top ofView Settings located in the Current View Group on theAdvanced View Settings: Open Opportunities windowConditional Formatting.

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