Thursday, September 8, 2011

how to change logo in MS CRM 2011

here i will show two ways of doing it in different sizes...

1st way
1st i would like to say its unsupported.
Still customers and clients needs to see their own logo in crm.
It was very easy in MS CRM 4.0 to achieve, ny just replacing the logo in ms crm imgs folder.

But in MS CRM 2011, if you will do the same, it will very small logo as the image is very small.
also the same will come all throw out the forms, i ean each and every windows of CRM.

So 1st i will say how to get own logo.

Here the logo can be fit in between the tabs and the org details as shown in the figure.
Just open your main.aspx from the CRM installed directory
 and add the below line of code just before </body> tag
 <div id="logo" name="logo" style="position:relative; top:1px; left:37%; z-index:100; filter: alpha(opacity=100); border:0; outline:none; ">
              <img src="/_imgs/LeftHeaderV4.jpg" width="24%" height="85%" alt="logo desc" title="logo desc"/>
 make sure you have the logo image in the _imgs folder.
also here you may have to make your logo height and width as per the available space.

 Now we will make sure, the specified logo will come only for the specified organisation.
 onbody load call the following function

 function _adjustLogoDiv() {

             var _URL = window.location.toString();

             if (_URL.indexOf('OrgName') > 0) { //to check it only for OrgName

                 document.getElementById("logo").style.display = 'block';


             else { // this is if any other Organization rather than OrgName

                 document.getElementById("logo").style.display = 'none';


             //like this you can also change the image src for othe rorganisations


 Again i am telling this is unsupported.

 hope this helps for few of my frnds who wants to impress their customers and client by showing their own logo.

2nd way

here you can fill the header with your logo as shown...

just open the main.aspx and do the followings
in the body tag, u will find the <div id="crmTopBar" class="...." runat="server">
just remove the class and add a style attribute as follows
<div id="crmTopBar" style="background-image: url(<image path>);" runat="server">

then onload call the following function to hide th small crm logo
function hideLogo(){
var imgTag = document.getElementById("crmUserInfo").childNodes[1]; = "none";
imgTag.height = "0";
imgTag.width = "0";

write the above in the javascript tag and call from body onload event,

3rd way

Here only you can change the right side image in the header just by replacing the original image.
the image is present in the folder crm installed folder/_imgs/theme/Outlook14Silver/Masterhead.png
just put your logo there in that name, then you are done.
but this will reflect all the organizations........

then you are done....


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