Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Web Resource HTML in MS CRM 2011

most of us used to use the HTML, aspx etc pages in MS CRM 2011.
the issue comes here is, if there is referrence to any image,css,javascript etc.
main thing is all the above needs to be uploaded as web resources and use it, else the referrence path will be the issue...
for more on it please follow Html referrence .

lets us see the following scenario...
suppose i have created a WebResource of HTML names "new_TestHTML"
before this i have uploaded an image as WebResource of JPEG names "new_JPEG"
I want this image to show in the html page.
so my code in the html will be as follows to refer the image

<img src="/WebResources/new_JPEG" alt="Test image" />

this will load the image....

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