Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ms crm 2011 metadata browser

most of us knew that the metadata browser in ms crm 4.0 was something like

but in ms crm 2011, this is not present in this way, directly.
so to get it we need to do any of the follwoings...

1. download the sdk from here and extarct it, then get the file "metadatabrowser_1_0_0_1_managed.zip" from the sdk->tools->metabrowser folder.
next import this in corresponding organosation by going to setting -> customization -> solutions.
so the metadata browser will be available under customization section as in the image.
by right clicking in the records, you have other options.

2. next you can use the tool in codeflex, available here, install it and use. it has export to excel in additionally.

hope this helps


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