Monday, November 28, 2011

Ribbon Disappered from the main page in MS CRM 2011

I faced and wired situation, suddenly the Ribon control has dissapered from the main page, even if traversed to other entities , the ribbon did not rendered.
But if i opened any record the ribbon was rendering.

I tried hit on google did not get any...
just opened the main.aspx.. nothing change i saw...

How i hit it?
Even if its not the proper, but this is how it solved... :P
1. Opened the main.aspx, and just put some junk code, then refreshed the browser
i got error as side pic

next i redo the changes and refreshed the page
i got the warning message as side pic
the clicked the link, "View the data that will be sent to Microsoft"
in the message i saw a JS file "/_static/_common/scripts/maincontrols.js" .
tot may be ots not rendering properly.
so make some wired changes and refresh
again undo the changes in JS file and refresh browser.
Then it has come up...
hurrey... :)
again i faced the same issue, where the Ribbons were coming for one Org not coming for others.
So the above did not work for me.
then i just tried to increase the Disc Space from 256 to 512 and then refreshed , it started working.
So may be the temp files filder is reaching to the limit and its unbale to download.
 But am not sure abt it.
But this has worked for me.


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