Thursday, December 15, 2011

Re-Open Closed TASK, Phone call, email or activities in ms crm 2011

Sometimes, there will be a need to re-open an activity which was marked as completed. Though it makes us feel like going to the relevant activity and just re-open (Much similar to re-activating a Quote). But the answer is NO (we cannot do that in the interface).
But, CRM provides you an option to do this with the help of  “On-Demand” PROCESSES formerly WORKFLOWS.
So, let us consider an example of re-opening an completed TASK, below are the steps,
  • Create an new Workflow on the task entity.
  • Select “On-Demand” under Available to Run.
  • Click Add-Step and select Change Status.
  • Select the entity as Task and set that to open and the below options as desired.
  • Save and “Activate” the workflow.
Done with the workflow!
Now, select the desired task from the list of activities and select “Run workflow” – Pick the relevant one and click OK, we are done.

same way it can be done for phone call and email also...


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  1. I have been able to accomplish this with a task. However no matter what I do I cannot get it to work with an email. Are you sure MS has not done something special to the email entity which prevents this from working? Thanks