Monday, January 2, 2012

View Status in MS CRM 2011

in MS CRM 2011, we have a new concept as view status.
this is really helpfull, if you have a set of view and you want to show some of them, so instead of deleting you can manage the state as follows.

A new feature with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is the ability to deactivate views. For example, I have customers who do not use Campaigns so the native Accounts: No Campaign Activities in the Last 3 Months view is irrelevant. To remove confusion for those end users, I simply deactivate this view. To do this, simply select the view you want to remove from the user interface and select Deactivate. As always, don’t forget to publish.

However what we found is that when you import solution into a target system, the deactivated views do NOT remain deactivated within the destination environment. Therefore, if you want to hide these views from the users, you will need to go into the target system and manually deactivate the views again (bummer). If you're writing up deployment notes, please remember to include this step!



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