Thursday, February 2, 2012

Activity Architecture in MS CRM 2011

We all know that we can create custom Activities in MS CRM 2011.
The Structure of Activities has been changed in the DataBase side.

in 4.0 , we used to have the ActivityPartyBase and Activity PointerBase for holding the different type of Activities like Email, Phone call, Fax etc, alsoe it used to have EmailActivityBase and EmailExtensionBase for each activities.

But in MS CRM 2011, it has been changed.
here it has ActivityPartyBase and Activity PointerBase and also the Activity Bases only like EmailBase , FaxBase but no EmailExtensionBase and FaxExtensionBase.

ActivityPointerBase contains all the OTBattributes(fields) of all the OTB activity types ;ike Fax, Email etc.
Activity Bases like EmailBase, FaxBase just contains the ActivityId and also if u will create any custom attributes(fields).
Same way if you will create new Cutom Activities, then one Base table will be created in the database whcich contains only the ActivityId column and will contain other columns if its custom attributes(fields).

If any one has done any queries or SP or developed any custom pages with any queries which used to used the table in 4.0 way, things needs to be changed in 2011, if any one is upgrading from 4.0 to 2011.

Hope my observation will help someone.


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