Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Two Default Views for an entity in MS CRM 2011 or MS CRM 4.0

Suddenly i got two default views in my Activity Entity in MS CRM 2011.
May be it has happend while importing solution of 4.0 or what i am not sure about it.
This also happenes in MS CRM 4.0 as well.

Reason i did not know, but the solution is as follows.
Attached is the snap of the two Default views.
Two Default views will be having the same starred Icon.


1. Create a solution by taking your Entity only.
2. Export the solution and unzip it
3. open the Customization.xml file in VS studio
4. then search for the View in saved queries node tag
5. check <isdefault> value will be 1 there, so make it as 0. thats it
6. then zip the solution and import it, publish it and check. there will be one default public view


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