Tuesday, March 6, 2012

action microsoft.crm.setup.server.urlrewritemodule installation failed

I got the above error while nstalling the MS CRM 2011.
All the environments has paased, but while doing the installation it throws the error "action microsoft.crm.setup.server.urlrewritemodule installation failed " an dstopped installation.

where as installer has created the "MSCRM_Config" DB and the website in IIS as well, aslo ot has cerated the MSCRM, registry keys.
So now uninstall in the MS CRM now and of required do the followings...
So delete the DB and website from IIS also delete th folder Microsoft Dynamics CRM folder, also the MSCRM reg keys. (even if notrequire just clean it).

now install the URLRewrite from the link URLRewrite  for 64 bits and again start installing MS CRM.


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