Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Unable to delete a Boolean attribute from the Entity in MSCRM 2011

I came across a weired situation in MSCRM 2011 like as follows...
let 1st put the steps i did, then what problem i faced and then the solution :P

i created one boolean attribute and put it in form for some use.
then i have one workflow which is updating/creating the record on the entity.
then i came to a scenario that , i do not need the attribute anymore in the form, so i have deleted from the form(this was no where used in the views).(ofcuz i have published in each step)

then when i tried to delete the attribute from the entity's field list, i could not delete that and it CRM throws some error as the image.

Onclick of the details link i got the details as the other image2...
Why it was not deleting cuz, the attribute was still present in the worflow form and the value was default to "No".

i just kick my mind and tried to cheat MSCRM...
What i tot is to make that value to blank, then it can be deleted.
what i did is, i selected that Field and tried to update the field form other boolean type value(or same also you can assign).Our main intention is to make that field of blank value.

then i deleted the yellow slected portion by clicking on it..
now the field does not have any value selected
save the workflow entity form.
and now go and delete the field from the Entity Field list, you will be able to delete ot happily :P
hats OFF to MS...

Hope this will help to those guys, who want to make their CRM clean , by cleaning the unused attributes... (people can think, if no use and can not delete, let it be there in the field list, as it has been deleted from the form :P).


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