Sunday, April 22, 2012

send error to microsoft message ms crm 2011, microsoft dynamics CRM has encountered and error, globally can set also in MS CRM 2011, 2013, 2015

sometimes we get a general popup and well know in MS CRM mentioned as "send error to microsoft message ms crm" and the screen as follows.

to solve it, just click in the "change error notification setting" and it will take the personal privacy tab  , then change as the following, if you do not want the prompt to come then do the follwing setting, it ll help if you are going for any demo or anything...

by default the "Ask me for Permission to send .. " is selected, so only the prompt comes.

"Never send an error report to ..." will prompt a different error message as side...

"Automatic Send an error report..." option will not ptompt at all and it will send the erorr to MS in background if its connected to internet. So here no prompt will come.
So for demo and if anything to hide these things, u can set like this.

Set this Globally
How can this be set Globally, cause the above is for each use and set in the Personal Options.
so to do it go to Setting-> Administration - > Privacy Preferences and check Specify the web application.... and then choose the option that you want...



  1. Sometimes window provided under first screenshot contains information which contains helpful information which can help in debug and in case you will disable this feature some functionality can work incorrectly.

  2. Hi Andrii,

    you are right, those error messages are really helpful, infact in JS errors can be found from the message.
    So, i just mean here, just to disable if you are going for any demo, so it should not kill you there, by clicking again and again and should not be a show stopper.

    thanks for your input.