Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to Assign an activity or any other Record into Queue in MS CRM 2011

We generally know there is Queue concept in MS CRM 2011.
Ad we mostly can put the Activities and Case records to the Queue not all.
So if we have some scenario like, we are cerating some other records by using the Interfaces, so the owner will be the Admin credentilas we are using to create the records.

So to share the records ,we can park the records to the Queue(also we can create a Team and assign to it).

So to park in the Queue, we can not directly put in queue. To do so we can create an activity on creation of the record and park the Activity record in the Queue by mentioning the Regarding filed as the Record.

Hmm, here yu can take any of the Activity types, or else better create your own activity for this, so other Acivities will not be disturbed.

You can create a new Queue for this also.

So create a workflow on creation of the Records.
Then create an Activity(may be custom one you have created earlier).

Now create an Queue Item, and click properties.
then select the Queue you have created earlier.
and in queue Item, click there and in Form Assistance in right side, select "Dynamic Values".
Next in looking for option, select the previous Activity you have created.

Next you will get the "Activity" and "Regarding" fields. So select the Activity and save and close.

now Activate the Workflow and try...

like this also u can park any acticities into Queue...
just you need to create the workflow in the create of the Acivity.


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