Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mawimum record limit is exceeded in CRM 2011, Reduce the number of records

this is happens if the number of records happens to fetch is more than 50,000.
cuz it has been set in the DB as the max size.
So if you will get the exception , When we open a chart in CRM2011 we get an error "Maximum record limit is exceeded. Reduce the number of records".
then it can be managed by increasing the 50,000 to more value as per your scenario.
and it can be set in the DB only.
to do so please follow this...

Set AggregateQueryRecordLimit to 99,999,999(your expected value) in the DeploymentProperties table.
note: if required make a restart of the services or iis restart. then it should work fine.



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