Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tab Concept in MS CRM 2011 compared to MS CRM 4.0

hi, we know that in MS CRM 2011 there is a big change in tab concept.

in 4.0 it was tabs as side-to-side, where as in 2011 its coming as hyperlinks in the left side of the page.
In 4.0, only the content of the selected tab loads when the form loads.
and the other content of the tabs loaded when we click those tabs.
So it saves time to load the form and also loads faster.
this mostly helps if we are using some IFRAME or the subgridsin the form etc.

but in crm 2011, all the content are in a single form, so all things will get loaded cuz all the items will be visible to the user.

this also we can manage in MS CRM 2011, by doing the following....

By not expanding the tab by default, Silverlight, iFRAMES and also the SUBGRIDS won't load until the tab is clicked so we can get the "on demand" loading like CRM 4.0. Also if we have Javascript hiding/showing fields on tabs other than the main one then we won't see the form jumping around on those tabs that are collapsed onload.

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  1. Is it possible to have all sub-grids on a page load on demand (Just like when there are more than 4 subgrids on a page)?

    I want to do this without hiding the tab, and showing the same message CRM shows.