Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sending e-mail (If an e-mail field does not exist, one will be created) in MS CRM 2011

while creating an entity we used to get one option as "Sending e-mail (If an e-mail field does not exist, one will be created)" in MS CRM 2011 and its newly introduced in MS CRM 2011.

how this works is, this can be used in the eMails activity to send email instead it e-mail ids. so in the dropdown list of to lookup in email activity this custom entity will be listed out.

while creating an entity if you will select it, then one attribute with name "emailaddress" will be created and it will be used to send email.

once this is selected, after that it can not be edited and its clear as, if there is any emials need to be sent are in queue.. it will violete the rules...

but once if u have created the entity latter you can select this option and from then onwards, it will be uneditable and the email will work.

but what does it mean "If an e-mail field does not exist, one will be created" ?
yes its true, if you have created the entity initially with out selecting it, so no default email attribute will be created. but if u select that option and u have already one email attrobute present in any name, then it will  not create any email atribute, so it will take the exiting email attribute...

but how if there is more that one email attribute present in the entity and then we are selecting that option, which email attribute it will consider to use for sending emails....??

i think it will take the 1st email attribute which was created....
anyone has any idea, please share here...
i did not try on this, once i ll try , i will update which email attribute it will consider...


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