Friday, March 22, 2013

How to Give Volume Access to a Drive in Windows Server 2008 R2

this is required when we need to install MS CRM and get the error i posted in

so for this we need the volume access.
i will present here how to give volume access.
1. go to the respective SQL server
2. run MMC
3. then File -> Add/Remove Snap-ins...
4. then click Add ->
5. click finish and Ok
6. then click shares in the left side folder structure
7. then right click on shares folder and select new
8, then next and select the drive where your mdf and ldf files are there (ex D:\)

9. then click next
10. enter shared name as dirve$ (ex : D$), if any description , like shared to install MS CRM or create Org
11. click next and leave as it is
12. now click finish.

13. then go the server where you are installing MS CRM, try to access
if it is accessible then it should go on and you can carry on with installation and creating org.

hope this will help for sure...


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