Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hide from Activity List Define as an activity entity, Display in Activity Menus uncheck MS CRM 2011


i came across an weired situation.
i had an entity which was declared as Activity and later users did not want that to be an activity type.
and also they do not want it to show in the NEW activity list (obviously, why they will see, if its no more activity type).

and very sure there is no SUPPORTED WAY to do it, except deleting the entity and recerating.
i tried to delete, but there were many dependencies, so it was too hard to find and do this way.

next i tot to change the flag in the metadata and i found the flag and i did.
so it worked for me. i know its UNSUPPORTED.

you have to run the below SQL query in the <Org>_MSCRM db...

update MetadataSchema.Entity set IsActivity=0
where LogicalName ='<entity_schemaName>'

when the entity was declared as activity
it also shows in the new activity list
when the the flag has been changed
finally its removed from the new activity list as well
Hope this will help, someone..


  1. just add the reply, as i have mentioned its "UNSUPPORTED", i faced issue while i was changing the security roles.
    accidentally i tried to change for some BU where this entity was part of, so i could not edit the security role.
    then i tried another security role, i was able to do that.
    then i reverted back the flag to 1 for isactivity and then i was able to edit the security role.

    just note it.

  2. This has worked for new entity but not for CRM out of the box entity.