Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Business Process , Conditional Branches (new) in MS CRM 2015 , either AND or OR, no mix

as we know that there is a new thing in Business Process in MS CRM 2015.
that is, you can have conditional branches...
means either you can have AND or OR, but can not have AND + OR or OR + AND.
if you will try to do so a mix of both, then the system will make you fool to make to one category , like to AND or OR.
if you have few AND conditions and you are trying to add one OR, then the system will make all as OR. see the below screens...
1. all AND conditions and trying to add one OR condition
2. after adding all became OR conditions....
3. Same way if you have all OR conditions and trying to add one AND condition
4. after adding all became AND conditions...
this you need to be careful.
what I would like to raise, is atleast system should give a prompt/alert to the user that all conditions will be now AND or OR.
hope this will be useful.

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