Monday, February 2, 2015

Hierarchy Visualizations in MS CRM 2015 (new feature)

as all we know that the Hierarchy in new in MS CRM 2015.
this is to show a pictorial presentation on the records they are related.
NOTE: now its only with the entity, not across the entities. means only you can get only with in contact, account etc, but not in between contact <-> account.
can be done for custom entities as well.

here I will show you to enable for contact entity (OTB you can get account entity is enabled).

STEP 1: select the entity and do customization, I select here Contact.
create a 1:N self relationship to contact as below
ensure to select Yes in Hierarchy.
Use this relationship in STEP 2, while creating the Hierarchy.
STEP 2: Now create a Hierarchy in Contact as below

notice, you can have only one Hierarchy per entity, so only you donot see New button, but only edit button.
below as there is no Hierarchy records, so you see New button.

STEP 3: Now you can add the field in form, if user wants to enter data, if you fill the data programmatically and user doesnot want to see this, you can skip this step.

STEP 4: now you see the contact grid
ohooo... am sorry we donot see the hierarchy icon :(
this is cause we have no record yet with Parent Contact has value.... I was also got shocked by not getting the icon.
STEP 5: so now edit some records with Parent Contact has value..
then you see the icon side to the respective records...
STEP 6: once you click the hierarchy icon side to the record it will show you the full diagram....
STEP 7: Now obvious question, can I change the info that has been shown in the above STEP 6.
yes you can . while creating the Hierarchy in STEP 2, it will ask you the quick create form, either you sue any existing or create a new for your use... and here also you need select the self 1:N self relationship that you have created in STEP 1.
that's all.
few other things...
1. you can able to delete the hierarchy
2. as said hierarchy only works for self-relationship, but while creating relationship to other entities, you can able to select the Hierarchy to Yes as below, but it will throw the below error while saving.
 3. if you have one hierarchy and you are making another relationship as Hierarchy then you will get the below prompt.... "if you enable the hierarchy setting for this relationship, all rollup definitions that use the existing hierarchy will become invalid. Do you want to continue?"
hope this will help and give some understating....


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