Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thing you must know(consider) on Calculated Fields in MS CRM 2015

Here are few important (Really important) things must be known or considered about Calculated Fields in MS CRM 2015.

• Saved queries, charts, and visualizations can have a maximum of 10 unique calculated fields.
• The calculated field values are not displayed in the CRM Outlook Offline mode in the tile views or on entity main forms.
• A maximum number of chained calculated fields is 5.
• A calculated field can’t refer to itself or have cyclic chains.
• If you change one of the condition operators in a multiple condition clause, all of the condition operators will update to that condition. For example, in the clause IF (x > 50) OR (y ==10) OR (z < 5), if you change the OR operator to the AND operator, then all OR operators in the clause will become AND operators.
• You can access parental fields via the Lookup field to the parent entity, such as <LookupFieldName>.<FieldName>. This is not possible with multi-entity Lookup fields like Customer which can be Account or Contact. However, some entities have individual Lookup fields for a specific entity, such as ParentAccountid.<FieldName> or ParentContactid.<FieldName>.
• Sorting is disabled on:
 ◦ A calculated field that contains a field from a parent record.
 ◦ A calculated field that contains a logical field (for example, address field).
 ◦ A calculated field that contains another calculated field.
• Calculated fields can span two entities only.
 ◦ A calculated field can contain a field from another entity (spanning two entities – current entity and parent record).
 ◦ A calculated field can’t contain a calculated field from another entity that also contains another field from a different  entity (spanning three entities):
 (Current Entity)Calculated Field <- (Parent Record) Calculated Field 1 <- (Parent Record) Calculated Field 2.
• You can’t trigger workflows or plugins on calculated fields.
• You can’t change an existing simple field to a calculated field. If your current application is using JavaScript or plug-ins to calculate a field, you would not be able to use the calculated fields feature without creating a new field.



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