Tuesday, August 11, 2015

All that new for Developers in MS CRM 2015 SP1 release

below are the new things released in MS CRM 2015 SP1 and things to note for MS CRM developers.

1.       Integrate Dynamics CRM data with external systems more easily
2.       Update message for specialized operations
3.       Alternate keys
4.       Change tracking
5.       Upsert for updating CRM with external data
6.       Optimistic concurrency
7.       Multiple message execution
8.       Tracing
9.       Custom actions in workflows or dialogs
10.   Integration with Parature
11.   Custom claim mapping for SharePoint server-based integration
12.   Integration with OneNote
13.   Entitlement enhancements
14.   Honoring required steps in a business process
15.   Support for additional “older than” clauses for date and time fields in FetchXML and QueryExpression
16.   Record creation and update rules
17.   Track emails at the folder level
18.   Support for new behavior of date and time values in CRM
19.   Try the Web API preview
20.   New form script capabilities
21.   Form script support for the new Knowledge Management (KM) integration with Parature
22.   Enhanced capabilities for sub-grid controls in forms
23.   More options to open forms
24.   ControlgetShowTime method for Date controls
25.   Customizable themes
26.   Rollup field enhancements
27.   Specify custom price lists for opportunities, quotes, orders, and invoices
28.   New entities
29.   New messages in the Organization web service
30.   New privileges
for more details on each item, follow below link....



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