Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dynamics CRM App for Outlook Client (light weight App)

There is a cool App ( ) available for Dynamics CRM online only (as of now)
here below are step by step and some more details....

1st RULE: this is only available for MS CRM 2016 Online.
so you can use office 365 out look or offline outlook client also, but ms crm will be on line version.

Basic settings
once you login to your online dynamics crm instance, you will find something below, if you will click on the gear icon on top right corner of your screen
here you see dynamics crm app for phone and tablets for all 3 major mobile player, Windows, Apple and Android (from google)

next you will see the "Dynamics CRM App for outlook".
as in above screen , if you see the red cross and message "your account's email settings aren't configured to use this app", then login to crm and setup the email account in users profile that you are accessing now and then you will see as below.

this means, for this user, the email account mentioned in the user profile will be able to get the app for outlook. the message says "we are adding the app in background". finally you will see as below with message "Already added to your outlook". now you are ready to use the app for this email is , either on office 365 or in your outlook if you have configured this account in outlook.

for Office 365
now login to your office 365 email account and once you select any email, on right side panel you will see "Dynamics CRM icon" as below. have patience if it does not load immediately , may take some time.

Once you click that , it will launch the App. it will download the metadata as below
then it will load below screen as per the logic, if the contact present in crm or not, it will ask you to track the email in crm or not etc as below.
if you click Track, then you have choice to set regarding (this has option to search and find) or also without set regarding you can track in crm as below
if you s
earch you will get the rsults as below for each entities....

then there is option you can Untrack and also change regarding value for the email tracked in CRM as below....
While searching for a record to set regarding, if it is not present you can just go ahead and create a new record by clicking the + icon as below highlighted....
after clicking the icon (say clicked Case) it will open up the new record form (here case), this might open the quick create form as below...

this is all about the app in office 365.

for Outlook client
for this you need to install the outlook client that is available in crm or can download from internet.
select online while configuring the org.
then in the outlook, you will see login screen as below.
once you login it will connect to the online crm org as below
once you select any email from that email account in outlook you will get below screen to Track, change, untrack depending on new email or tracked email. here its for one tracked email, so change and untrack.
if you select track you will get the same kind of screen as we got for office 356 login, same search, create new record etc.

Security role for crm outlook app
there is a security role needs to be enabled for the user to get the app, this also needs to be granted in the security role , so that the user will not see the red cross in image 1.

you can the eligible users from CRM by going to Settings -> CRM App for Outlook. this will list out the user which are eligible, means granted to access outlook app access.

hope this is a great step from MS. this will help from many angles....
at least for online users they do not have to install outlook client , unless they need to access more crm from outlook.

hope this also helps people to understand some...



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