Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Duplicate detection rules in Dynamics CRM 2015, 2016, Dynamics 365

to share, when I was working with dynamics crm duplicate detection rules, below my observations w.r.t auto save.

Auto save does not work on create. its simple why, cause this does take care of the mandatory fields enter or not etc.

when u have already a record present and now you are creating a new with same values as per your duplicate rule, when you save, the rule will run and  you will be prompted with the duplicate records and an option if you want to save this also or not.

when you have opened and updating a record, if you are editing and updating to same set of values as per duplicate rule, if you immediately same by your own, then will be prompted with duplicate records and an option as above scenario.

else if the auto save triggered before you hit save button, then there will be a balloon message as below screen and one you click "Resolve Duplicate", it will prompt the above scenario screen with all duplicate records and options, else if you click "Save Anyway", it will just create another duplicate record.